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Acupuncture For Weight Loss – How it works

We choose points of treatment depending on each patient’s diagnosed problem. The needles are then inserted in these points. Once inserted the needles stay in place for about 30-45 minutes per session, then they are removed. 

Points in the ear are replaced with ear tacks, and an adhesive is placed over them. Normally the ear tacks are exactly where the needle was. These are meant to continue treatment in between sessions. 

The endorphin hormone is believed to create a conducive physiological and psychological environment to make a lasting choice to overcome eating temptations. The tacks are removed after three days or sooner if they are uncomfortable. The treatment frequency depends on the patient's goals. 

An acupuncture for weight loss program go hand in hand with a healthy weight loss diet and an exercise regime. 

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Roots of Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture originated in China 3500 year back and is part of the traditional medicine based on the Chinese theory of ‘Qi’ (pronounced “chi”.)

According to this theory, Qi is the force or energy that controls the mind and the body. It is believed to flow through pathways in the body called meridians. 

Acupuncture points are points in the body where Qi can be stimulated to restore body system balance and health. Specific points are believed to stimulate specific organs and bodily functions. 

Acupuncture weight loss points target the following: 

Shemmer point which helps in calming anxiety, anger, frustration and insecurity.

Endocrine System and Kidneys to treat water retention, a source of some weight regain, as well as stimulate nerve and hormonal imbalancing. 

Spleen and Thyroid Gland for sugar and hormonal rebalancing. 

Adrenal and Ovary Glands to treat weight gain due to menopause or P.M.S.
Acupuncture for weight loss may be recommended for inclusion in a weight loss regime, especially for highly stressed individuals. If weight gain is directly related to anxiety or stress, acupuncture weight loss can become very handy in achieving ideal weight and maintaining it.