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Skin Care

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Chinese Medicine has been practiced for over two thousand years in clinics. According to the history records, skin care has been used for ancient royal queens, honored women in the emperors’ families.

Here is an example for skin care. A tree, when its leaves have been withered due to whatever reason, if you just try to coloring its leaves and want to make it look good, that way is not good. You have to water the root of tree to nourish, even re-generate, the leaves, and then, its leaves will maintain energy. The same reasoning applies to skin care for human beings. Remember, healthy skin is nourished by qi and blood which are produced from internal organs. So, the most important thing for skin care is to take care of your internal organs (root) and then you can have very good exterior (skin). E.g. If someone has a pale face and rough skin, in Chinese Medicine, this is caused by qi and Blood deficiency. We need to tonify both qi and blood. When qi and blood are strong enough, they can nourish the face and skin, and then, the face and skin can will be bright and lustery. 

Acupressure - special points on your face. It benefits your skin, eyes, nose, ears, mouth and teeth.

Herbal Mud Mask- According to different skin conditions, using different types of herbal mud mask to moisturizer for oily, dry and aged skin for the purpose of rejuvenating and beautifying your skin. Drink the second cup of tea to eliminate the toxic materials through urine.

It is very good to do acupuncture and herbal skin care once a week. You will have beauty, rejuvenated, healthy and natural skin.


  1. According to your condition such as tongue, pulse and complexion, etc., I will make a Chinese Medical diagnosis for you.
  2. Drink herbal tea: According to your condition, I will use different herbal teas for you. It is called food therapy. E.g. Ju hua (Chrysanthemum flower) and Gou ji zi (Chinese wolfberry fruit) tea--- that is a traditional and class tea. It can tonify the liver and kidney (qi and blood), clear liver heat and detoxify through urine.
  3. Acupuncture: According to your condition, I will choose different points for you. It has three purposes.

  • First, it is to tonify Qi (energy) and blood,
  • The most important thing to beautify the face is to have enough qi and blood in the internal organs to nourish the face. It is said to treat the root, not the surface.
  • It can calm your spirit, release negative emotions, reduce your stress, and benefit your mental health.
  • It is used to treat a disease such as hypertension. I will use points on the Liver Channel to lower your blood pressure.

Beautify your face:

Clearing your face with facial cleansing towelettes for make-up removal; Herbal tea sprayer, steaming with herb tea can clean skin, unblock skin pores, and promote local blood circulation.

Nourishing your face using natural herbal moisturizer oil (or essential oil) with jade stone massage to your face meridian, to drive the nutritive materials into the pores of your face and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Scraping with ox horn this is a key process for skin care. Ox horn is one of the Chinese Herbs. It has a function to clear heat, detoxify, invigorate blood and remove dead skin. It can maintain your skin smoothly and radiantly. 

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